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gbeene007 - Geoffbeene007 2 weeks ago

Ok, Let me help some people that don't understand what Monopoly was trying to point out. In Real Estate, like in every other asset class, the money IS MADE when you buy!. If You buy a $200K Distressed property For $100K and You Put 20% down and the Lender gave you 80%, You will control a $200K property with just $20K. Let's assume that the net income for the investor is just $200 a month, thats $2400 a year, which is a a Cash on Cash return of 12%. The Best part is that once the house is rehabbed and with a Tenant inside, Your house is back to the $200K range, which gives you technically a $100K in tax free equity. This is a very simple explanation, but that's the whole Idea. The point is that the trick is to find a Distressed asset, go into debt to buy that distressed asset and repeat again. Hope this help

earthentemple - ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐ŸŒCarley 2 weeks ago

It seems it only works if there are people assuming the "bad" debt, for you to make money on it aka "good" debt. Which, to me, implies exploitation and a system where someone must lost in order for another to win.

g.deol97 - Gurleen 2 weeks ago

You ever think increasing the down payment to make it cash flow positive is a good idea or should you always keep the leverage as high as possible?

billionairewit - Success Advisor // Be Active๐Ÿ’ก 2 weeks ago

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hedgefrontllc - HedgeFront 2 weeks ago

Works if housing prices keep going up. If you live in Australia right now please consider rethinking this concept before the housing sector collapses!